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Capstaff Inc Announces Perfect Baby Bib’s Dual Strap System

Capstaff Inc Announces Perfect Baby Bib's Dual Strap System
Capstaff Inc Announces Perfect Baby Bib's Dual Strap System

January 8, 2014 – Panama City Beach, Florida — The newly-released dual strap bib has gained immediate acceptance according to several reviews published recently, being described as the perfect baby bibs.

The Silicone baby pocket bib was launched in December by Capstaff Inc to solve the ongoing issue of bibs being easily removed by babies and toddlers.

Capstaff Inc identified this as a common concern among parents who have flocked to the pocket bib idea but still ran into the problem of bibs proving no match for kids who wanted to discard them.

The pocket or pouch bibs are supposed provide virtually no mess feeding with food that children drop falling straight into the bib bucket and not on the child's clothes or floor. But no mess became a huge mess as soon as the child decided it was time to take the bib off.

One of Capstaff Inc's founders, Daniel Staffa, says their food catcher bibs provide the answer to this issue.

“Our silicone, large pouch bib, with 2 sets of straps, makes all the difference. The adjustable straps around the neck are accompanied by another set of adjustable straps that reach around the back”.

Mr. Staffa said comfort was another concern when designing the dual strap system. He says Capstaff Inc's pouch bib also scored high among users on this count.

“The double strap allows the bib to fit snug and not dangle and swing like traditional bibs do. Children are less likely to try to pull it off, as noted by some of the mom's in our product reviews”.

Mr. Staffa pointed to several reviews posted at Amazon where the new Silicone bib is available. He said that after the bibs hit the market, one of the feedback points they were looking for was how secure the bib was on a child combined with comfort.

“This was extremely important and backed up the reviews during our test period”, he said.

The double strap bibs are expected to continue gaining in popularity as more parents realize that they now have the virtual “perfect baby bib” at their disposal.

Capstaff Inc are also looking for more feedback from users of their bib as they continue to research more ways to make meal times “no mess zones”.

About Capstaff Inc

Capstaff Inc produces Perfect Baby Bibs making life easier for parents. Capsatff Inc offers commonsense solutions to common problems.

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