Bake Potato Recipe

Good healthy(ish) baked potato recipe?

I’m making quiche for the folks tomorrow and would like a simple baked/jacket potato topping suggestion please.
I’d normally go for a bacon/cheese effect but the quiche is sort of in that vein.
Any ideas please though American options may receive special consideration!

You could make a twice baked potato, which is sort of like mashed potatoes but with a few extras.

Bake the potatoes in a 375 or 400 F oven. When they’re basically done, pull them out and then holding the potato with a hot pad, cut the top third off lengthwise to make the potato skin shell like a boat. Use a spoon to scoop all the pulp into a bowl from the boat and the extra cutoff. After they’re all scooped out, place the boats on a baking tray. Add salt, pepper and a little butter to the potatoe pulp and mix. Leave it a little lumpy. Add in sour cream or cream cheese if desired. Add enough milk to moisten. Then add in some parmesan cheese. Spoon mixture back into the boat shells and sprinkle with paprika. Return to oven until reheated.

You can also sprinkle some parmesan and paprika on the caps you removed from the potatoes and toast them up crispy in the oven as an appetizer teaser of what’s to come!

Sometimes I make these with no sour cream or cream cheese and just use the parmesan for extra flavor. Add some chives if you want.

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