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Is silicone bake ware safe to use?

I heard that plastic releases dioxions when froozen and when the plastic reaches a certain temperture(microwave) it also releases these dioxions? I do not know if silicone is made from plastic?

Yes silicone bake wear (pan liners, oven mits and the like) are safe. Silicone is very inert and stable and has almost no extractable volatile organic compounds. Even when it does age, it just looses its mechanical strength it doesn’t decompose.

Dioxin can be produced when paper is burned in a very high temperature reducing atmosphere – like a trash incinerator. But you are right some types of plastic can generate toxic materials when heated a microwave- PVC and styrene come to my mind. The toxic products of this high-energy decomposition are bad, but I don’t think they are specifically dioxins. Maybe this is one for the MythBusters.

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