Baked Apples Recipe

Does the nutritional value of an apple change drastically when baked?

(Regardless of the “filling” ingredients in stuffed, baked apples.)

So, what happens to the apple? What does its nutritional value
turn into?

I’ve been looking up baked apple recipes, and I’ve noticed that
a baked apple usually has more than 200 calories! The filling is
only a bit of the stuffed apple, so I’m very confused about this.

So, please. Any insight will be greatly appreciated. Thanks. :)

The nutritional value of anything drastically decreases when you cook it. It sounds more like your actual question is does the caloric value change. Baked apples are traditionally stuffed with sugar, sugar is a high calorie item.

If you bake an apple with no stuffing, the caloric value shouldn’t change but the glycemic value will probably change drastically. Basically turning a complex carb into a simpler version (more easily assimilated by the body and raising blood sugar levels rapidly).

Bet I’ve confused you royally now.

Nutritional Value = vitamins & minerals available
Caloric Value = energy formed in the body
glycemic value = effect on blood sugar

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