Baked Brie Recipe

Know any great baked brie recipes?

crumb a circle of brie like ur crumbing fish etc, ( cover in egg, then fine breadcrumbs) fry in hot oil in a pan, turning once so its cooked all over, dont have the oil too hot and dont overcook
Puree a mango or buy a mango puree
take brie out of the pan, let it cool a bit then cut into six peices
pour some mango puree on each plate and put divided the cheese peices amongst the plates on top of the puree.
simple but delicious
If your looking for somethign more substantial, u can stuff a small chicken with a circle of brie, some parsley and close the end tightly before roasting
the brie melts inside the chicken then when u serve it it runs all over the meat, (best to use a small bird so u can just cut it in half to serve for two, if the birds much bigger u lose the whole affect)

Quick & Easy Baked Brie Recipe for Potluck

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