Baked Camembert

Help! Why does my camembert looked like scrambled eggs?

Hi, I just had a disaster trying to bake camembert in the oven- I put it in at 220 degrees for about 20 mins but it didn’t even look like it was melting- I put it in until the rind was almost burned and it ended up in the same consistency of scrambled eggs! Is it to do with the fact that it was made of vegetable rennet or something? So annoyed! What did I do wrong?

Awww *”%* happens… when you bought the camembert did it come in a thin wooden box? or just wrapped in foil?
when you buy camembert look for the one encased in a very thin wooden like box, As you unwrap the cheese and place into box & bake it med-heat for 10mins, The secret is to warm the cheese “even” slightly… so once it is cut into it just…melts in the middle:)
you can also pre-fry in flavoured oil’ toast like croutons Mmmmmm Delicious!
hope this helps :) remember the key is “Practise”
Take care
Mrs :D

How To Bake Camembert

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