Baked Catfish

Fried Fish Allergy?

How come I have allergies to certain types of seafood..especially when it is fried? I can’t eat shrimp or any type of aggravates my throat. I can eat baked catfish..and I can eat fried oysters. I don’t get it. It’s really weird.
I know what an allergy is. I was just curious as to why do I react to some fried fish and shellfish. I was hoping that someone may have had a similar problem. Or at least tell me more than ‘you have a fish allergy’. Thanx for answering anyways.

Same here… you’re allergic to iodine and whoever said you shouldn’t worry, is misinformed. I will tell you why: I have had hypothroidism for over 10 years and more than likely, you should see your doctor and get a TSH test. After you eat, does your body temperature go through the roof? Feel the need to try and cool off, no matter what you do? That is part of the hormone imbalance. Now because you stated that you can eat oysters and baked catfish, indicates it may be a mild. That can be adjusted by your doctor. They follow up on that to see if you’re regulated. He or she may prescribe Synthroid, but I was allergic to that, so I take Levoxyl. I stress this because not getting an early diagnosis will make it only worse in the long run; I didn’t had it until high school. Whether you take my advice is up to you and your decision. I wish you all the best!

Cajun Baked Catfish — Cooking with agent96 E#13 Intro by Toby Turner!

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