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How can I cut corners on a baby shower?

So I am throwing my sister’s baby shower and I have a very limited budget. But she is inviting 81 people! She has tried to cut it down but she can’t.

I am having it at the Knights of Columbus and we are catering food. This is already adding up to about $1000.

What are some cheap options for favors, invitations, decorations, etc? I don’t mind making things myself if it’ll cost less. I just don’t want it to look cheap. With such a large people every little thing seems to be adding up. I’ll take any advice/tips you have.

Thanks! :)
We were originally going to have it at the house but there is no way that many people are fitting. We are just catering the food cause cooking for that many people is just too much. I really just need cheap/unique options for decorations/favors.

For paper goods just do the cake napkins in a print then do the rest in solid colors that work with the pattern.
see if you can find a napkin that has an allover print for a centerpiece open napkin up lay flat in middle of table then add a baby bottle filled with cheap candy or use little things that you will give to your sister as part of her gift.

I don;t think favors are necessary, but if you want something inexpensive get small candles form dollar store & tie with curling ribbon or make chocolates or cream cheese mints & package in cute cello bags or small boxes. If you put favors in cute boxes or in small plain boxes wrapped in pretty paper you can stack those on a pretty plate & use that as your centerpiece

Adjust the time of shower … do it in the morning for a more basic cheaper menu serve a simple fruit punch pink lemon aide with sparkling water & frozen raspberries OR a fruit juice (orange or pineapple or apple) with sprite or 7 up. Have a fruit salad seedless grapes cut n half, melon balls & mandarin oranges from cans. Muffins or corn and a baked egg casserole.

OR do shower at 2:30, after lunch but before dinner say something on invitation like join for for cake & punch to celebrate the birth of So & so’s New Baby. Sevrve punch or iced tea with cake & some very simple finger foods

Breakfast Casserole Egg Bake EASY!

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