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10 Ways to Make Your Colleagues’ Day Amazing (INC)

Need some good karma? Try paying it forward with one of these ideas and
generate good energy for everyone.

People spend a lot of time focused on getting their work done and rising up
the ladder. Sometimes in their self-centered drive they forget the people
around them. There’s nothing wrong with a little productive narcissism, but
every once in a while you need to balance the scales and focus on others to
put the universe back in order.

Since she is known for her successful team building and extraordinary employee
loyalty, I consulted entrepreneur and The Recipe author Amilya Antonetti on
great ways to surprise co-workers and give them an amazing day. Together we
created this simple list. Whether you unexpectedly bestow these gifts on one
person or a whole team, any one of these ideas should sufficiently delight
your colleagues and put karma back in your favor.

1. Bring in baked goods. Nothing gets attention like the smell of freshly
baked chocolate chip cookies. Get up a little early and bring them in while
they are still warm. Give them to the team and watch the smiles spread.

2. Write an unsolicited positive recommendation. More …


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