Baked Mushrooms

Does anyone have any good weight watcher’s recipes for sliced mushrooms?

I am looking for any side dishes made with a can of sliced mushrooms, with weight watchers. Any recipes welcome, but please, if they aren’t using sliced mushrooms, only post them if you’ve tried them personally. I just really have trouble making sides for my main dishes using vegetables. Thanks

can of mushrooms? creaned mushroms maybe ive never heard of a can of mushrooms

well how about these with mushrooms

mush room cups

baked mushrooms with crutons, sliced onions a lil bit if bell pepper salt and pepper in it (yummy)

egg white mushroom omolete with a lil bit of the cheese of your choice (speaks for itself)

diced mushrooms fried in a tiny itty bit of oil

mushrooms aded to a whole wheat pasta with a red suace

THERE ARE SO MANY WAYS TO USE MUSHROOMS! these are just somma my favorite


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