Baked Potato Casserole

Can you use bacon bits in a recipe that calls for fresh cooked chopped bacon?

I found a recipe for a baked potato casserole and it calls for 1 lb.. sliced bacon. I really dont want to use that much bacon and was wondering if I could use bacon bits and get the same flavor.
Plus, I dont have any bacon. :)
All I have is the bacon bits.
How about if I “fry” up the bacon bits?

Yes, you can with the following provisions.

Bacon bits can be real pork or the flavored bits not made from meat – usually texturized vegetable protien (TVP) and soy meal.

If you’re going to sprinkle it on top, then you should be fine.

If the recipe calls for you mixing it in and cooking it some more, I’d be mindful of the “fake” bacon bits. They might get soggy on you. If they dissolve completely, then that should be fine where you get the flavor and no soggy chunks of red bits.

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