Baked Potato Chips

is cooking oil a necessity for baking chips?

i’m trying to bake potato chips for the first time, and i’m baking on top of a foil, so the chips wouldn’t stick, but i’m guessing the oil does more than just preventing it from sticking?

They’ll stick to foil, so yes oil is necessary if you don’t want a mess. But you don’t need a lot. If you just put the potatoes in a big bowl, add a little oil and toss them around so they all get coated then spread them out on your baking sheet, that’s enough. Or, you could grease the sheet lightly, lay out your potatoes, then brush the tops lightly with oil. You could do the same with cooking spray…spray the sheet, lay out potatoes, spray the top. If you’re going to salt or season them, do it before you put them in the oven so it will stick. You could probably try using parchment paper and no oil, but I’ve never tried that, so I’m not sure how it would work as far as sticking.

How to Make Baked Potato Chips! – CookwithApril

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