Baked Potato Soup

How to get rid of chunky whole wheat flavor in soup?

I’m cooking cheddar baked potato soup and I used whole wheat flour and I can still see it and it taste chalky almost. I added more milk and butter and let it sit on high and stirred but hasn’t dissolved!

Those are now … erm… dumplings. Best is to strain it out. Some of the chalkiness may be the cheddar and possibly some of the potato. Once you add the dairy ingredients, boiling it/high heat will make the dairy “break” and the protein gets very tough and grainy. If this has happened, it may not be salvageable. You may want to bin it… or at least save it for some other effort, such as using as part of the liquid/seasoning in biscuits.

Flour should always be mixed with a cold liquid to make a slurry (at least 1:1 liquid:flour ratio, 2:! is better), then added to the hot liquid (at least barely simmering), mixed briskly a little at a time, cooked for a few mins, then add the dairy and do not let boil again.

Loaded Baked Potato Soup

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