Baked Potato Toppings

Alternative to baked potatoes?

I am making BBQ pork chops with cheese and Italian style dinner rolls. My first thought was to add a baked potato to the meal but not I want to jazz it up. What would be a good side dish to make with a potato?

If you still wanted to do a baked potato, but a little spin-off of it, you could bake the potatos in an oven wrapped in aluminum foil until they’re done, then slice them in half length-wise and scoop all of the insides of ALL the potatos into a bowl and then mix your favorite baked potato toppings (sour cream, butter, cheese, bacon, ect.) in with the potato, then scoop it all out into the potato shells and then put back in oven on a cookie sheet until the cheese melts, and voila. twice baked potatos. =)

Easy Baked Potato Toppings – How to make Easy Baked Potato Toppings – Food in a Minute Recipe

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