Baked Salmon Patties

What do impatient anerexics eat in treatment ?

I want to base my meal plan on that.
I’ll give you some side info:
I’m 5’5 17 102
And I used to eat 600 calories a day
I’ve now uped it to 1200 and stop exercising
Question: What do I need to do next? And what did impatient anerexic do to recover? Like how much did they eat calorie wise and what did they eat?

Most inpatient eating disorder clinics have meal plans that range from 1500-2000 calories depending on the person. They focus on a lot of healthy fats, whole grains, lean proteins etc.

Here is an example of a healthy menu that with the right exercise will keep you healthy- it’s very similar to what they offer for inpatient clinics. A huge part of anorexia is psychological and you will need more help than just eating more.

1c cooked oatmeal (160 cal)
1c skim milk (80 cal)
2T raisins (60 cal)
1small banana (60 cal)
1 cup orange juice (120 cal)

1 cup minestrone (80 cal)
16 wheat thins (130 cal)
1c skim milk (80 cal)
1 medium apple (90 cal)

3oz baked salmon patty (205 cal)
1/2c yellow squash (25 cal)
1/2c spinach (50cal)
1 baked potato with 2 T tub margarine (250 cal)
1 cup skim milk (80 cal)

fruit, nuts, cheese stick, whole grain crackers etc… 2x a day

This puts you around 1700 calories which is perfect for the average woman. And it won’t make you fat, which I know is a concern.

Anorexia is very dangerous, and will actually slow down your metabolism in the long run. Eat healthy, exercise and you will be healthier than you are now. And definitely get help- it’s really not something you can just fix on your own.

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