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What to cook for a romantic dinner?

So my boyfriend is coming to visit this weekend, and I have been volunteered to cook us dinner. He usually cooks when he comes to visit, but he said I can cook this time. Well I just don’t know what to make we both aren’t too picky. Any ideas??

Do Some Research

Find out what food your partner loves, and create the night around it.
For example – Do they like seafood? If so, what’s their favorite kind? If you don’t know, find out from a friend or family member.

You can try making the night theme based by buying some props. With seafood, maybe buy napkins or placemats with the picture of a crab on it. Things like this add to the atmosphere (and the surprise). It really shows that you took the time to pay attention to the details.

Here are some more themes you might like to try:

- Oriental

- Italian

- Mexican

- French

- East Indian

- Seafood

Once you’ve chosen a theme, find the appropriate place mats, trinkets, special cutlery, napkins, music, etc. that will match your theme.

Create The Mood
* Does your partner have a favorite romantic song or cd? Play something sentimental in the background to set the mood. Or try some of our favoriteromantic songs.

* Dim the lights and have candles enhance the romantic atmosphere. Scented candles work great. Try finding scented candles you know they’ll LOVE. For tips on using candles to add romance click here.

* Do some decorating. Use their favorite flowers to fill the room with color (deep red is a nice choice).

* Scatter rose peddles along certain areas of the floor – like around the dinner table. Or make a pathway leading from the door to the table.

* Drape fabric in certain places around the room to add elegance, and also hide certain things in the room that arent so romantic looking.. like the tv for example. Use soft flowing fabrics like silk or satin.

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