Baked Scallops

Can you give me the whole list of sushi?

I’m planning to make sushi for a friend of mine: who is coming over this monday. And she asked if i could make another type of sushi for her instead of the california roll or philadelphia roll. Because that’s all I make when we have sushi together. So can you please give me a list of all types of sushi. I’ve been catering for five years now and I’m not afraid to experience new things especially when it comes to sushi :) so if you can add the diffcults ones, it’s not a problem at all!
-Thanks :D

California Roll (imitation crab, avocado and cucumber)
Alaskan Roll (smoked salmon, asparagus and avocado)
Philadelphia Roll (salmon, avocado, asparagus and cream cheese)
New York Roll (smoked salmon, apple, avocado
Boston Roll – (crab, salmon, scallion)
Texas Roll (beef, cucumber, spinach leaves)
Hawaiian Roll (garlic and albacore inside; avocado and albacore on top of the roll)

Rainbow Roll (five different kinds of fish and avocado on California Roll)
Vegetable Roll (avocado, cucumber, lettuce, kaiware, asparagus, yamagobo)

Dragon Roll (freshwater eel, crab and cucumber inside, rice and avocado outside)
Spider Roll (soft-shell crab, crab, avocado and cucumber with spicy sauce)
Snake Roll (freshwater eel and avocado on California Roll topped with sweet sauce)

Bath Street Roll (crab, octopus, cream cheese, smelt egg, avocado and cucumber) – as in Bath Street in Santa Barbara

Caterpillar Roll (avocado, unagi, kani kama, and cucumber)
Mastercard Roll (salmon and tuna on California Roll)
Holiday Roll (turkey, cranberry salsa, cream cheese)

Kappa Ma / Kappa Maki (cucumber)
Pesto Roll (turkey or chicken, cream cheese, pesto)

Shrimp Killer (shrimp tempura and cucumber inside; shrimp on top of the roll)
Spicy Tataki Roll (spicy tuna inside; tuna and avocado on top of the roll)
Firecracker Roll (spicy scallop inside; tuna and avocado on top of the roll)

Rattlesnake Roll (shrimp tempura inside; fresh water eel and avocado on top)
Snowcorn Roll (crab and avocado inside; baked white fish on top)
Baked Salmon Roll (cream cheese, yamagobo and avocado inside; baked salmon on top)

Energy Roll (freshwater eel, yellowtail, yamagobo, green onions, smelt eggs)
Scallop Volcano Roll (California Roll on the bottom; baked scallop and mushrooms on top)

Hot Night Roll (shrimp tempura and cucumber inside; spicy tuna on top)
Hungry Roll (spicy tuna inside; crispy seaweed and tempura outside)
Crazy Boy Roll (deep-fried California Roll served with eel sauce)
Soft Shell Crab Roll (soft-shell crab, avocado and cucumber)

Las Vegas Roll (cream cheese, avocado, yamagobo, crab and assorted fish inside; whole roll deep-fried)

Easy Baked Scallops

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