Baked Ziti Ricotta

Baked ziti recipe w/ ricotta cheese?

Any good recipes making baked ziti using ricotta cheese?

I saw some recipes where you layer it like lasagna, but I was wondering if anyone has ever just mixed the pasta, meat, sauce, and ricotta cheese all together then put that into a casserole and bake it? I mean, it all mixes together anyways when it bakes…

I’m also using rotini instead of ziti, but I think that should be just fine.

And I’m open to cooking it in the crockpot if anyone has anything good!

Here are some links that look pretty good:,1-0,baked_ziti_ricotta_cheese,FF.html

The last link has about 10 different recipes.

Hope this helped!

Baked Ziti with Italian Sausae and Ricotta

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