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Limited Supplies Left In Amazing Silicone Baking Mat Sale

Limited Supplies Left In Amazing Silicone Baking Mat Sale
Limited Supplies Left In Amazing Silicone Baking Mat Sale

August 6, 2013 – Honolulu, Hawaii — It's is the 2nd day of Thoughtful Living's silicone baking mat sale, and supplies are starting to run out. A few days ago, home product company Thoughtful Living announced their first ever silicone baking mat sale. The sale started yesterday and offers non stick baking mats for half off their normal price.

The Baker's Sheet is by far the most popular product offered by Thoughtful Living. It is a silicone sheet that aids in baking anything. This non stick mat is mostly used as a replacement for parchment paper. One of the benefits of the Baker's Sheet is that unlike parchment paper, this silicone baking mat is reusable, and therefore will save money.

Thoughtful Living also boasts that the Baker's Sheet is superior to other baking mats in that it is made of higher quality materials. According to their website, the Baker's Sheet is made of 100% FDA approved materials – a fiberglass core and food grade silicone. These materials ensure that this silicone mat won't warp, even under temperatures up to 450 degrees.

Silicone mats have been used by professionals for some time now, but recently have gained popularity in the home kitchen. The Baker's Sheet is designed specially for the home cook, but with the quality enjoyed by professionals. It is meant to be used with a half sheet size cookie pan.

The baking mat sale is going on right now and ends tomorrow. Thoughtful Living's Baker's Sheet can be purchased for 50% off at The coupon code QDBCHJHJ is necessary to receive the discount.

About Thoughtful Living

Thoughtful Living prides itself with providing customers the very best products for the modern home. Every product they offer is carefully chosen and created with high quality materials to ensure durability and attractiveness. The silicone baking mat is Thoughtful Living's newest item.

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