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please answer i need QUICK simple,easy,non baked chocolate recipe?

i am an amature(first timer) in making some thing like choco, i need a simple ingredients which i can get and easy procces(short time procces). well i will give it as a present at my friend birhtday on this Thursday , so i really need the recipe now and get the ingredients tommorow and make it . >.< please help me ... and for valentine to sorry for my messed up english but anyone know please help me

chocolate mousse is always a winner for most valentines day
I use:
300g chocolates depending on your liking milk or dark
300ml Cream
3 eggs separated

melt chocolate in a heat proof bowl over a pot of simmering water
whip the cream
once chocolate has melted let it cool down for 5 minutes
add egg yolks and stir it may feel thick and heavy at first but thats alright
whip up the egg whites
fold 1/3 into the chocolate
then the rest of the egg whites
add to the whipped cream
put into cups and leave in the fridge for about 2 hours

I made these for my now ex-girlfriend and she loved them, but they are super rich

a good variation to that is buy a good chocolate cake, cut little circles out and put them in the bottom of the cups for a quick cheats chocolate mousse cake

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