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Baking conversions, someone please help with recipes….10 Pts…?

So i was going through a recipe book, and saw some measurements I’m not familiar with. Like quarts, pt, etc. Can you help me understand them in cups? Actually, can you tell me some of the general conversions I should know while baking breads, cakes etc.? Measurements in terms of cups, teaspoons and tablespoons is convenient for me as I don’t have weighing scales. Or, a link to some website that does the conversion or has a list of conversions would also be good.
Please help. Oh, if it’s necessary to know, i bake only for the family,so nothing large scale.(that’s why I’m not really inclined to buy a weighing scale).
Thanks in advance people. and are both great websites that offer conversions.

The best thing I like about these websites is that they do volume/weight conversions. This is a great resource if you don’t own a scale.These are the trickiest type of conversion because not every ingredient’s volume = its weight. For example, a recipe calling for 4 oz of flour means the weight of the flour, not the volume of the flour. 4 oz does not mean half a cup. 4oz of flour will fill about 1 cup. This is because of density differences.

Recipe math for baking: scaling, conversion

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