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How to open a bread baking school at home?

I’d like to start teaching bread baking lessons at home. I contacted the safety and environment department of my council to ask what regulations there are and what I need to do. But they still haven’t got it back to me.
Does anybody know if I need to register my tiny school as a school somewhere, if I need to have health and safety qualification (and which one?), and if I need to have my flat inspected, etc.?
As additional information, I will be teaching only on the weekend because I work full-time.

In the UK you will have to have your kitchen inspected by The Environmental Health Officer, they are always busy so it could take some time. You will need a current Health & Hygiene/Safety certificate and public liability Insurance. You will need to register as self employed but do not need to register as a school as you are only giving lessons. Your Insurance might be affected as you will using your home as a business.

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