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REALLY STUPID thing i did i need help NOW?

I’m a big freaking retard…im trying to cook macaroni and i put some in the wrong kind of pot, not realizing it had rubber on the bottom. I quickly took it off after a minute but its smells SO BAD….like its burning my nose through out the whole apartment….wtf should i do?? Shoudl i clean it off the stove and like not cook anyhting else on there?
OMG i know i didnt realize there was freaking rubber underneath! Yea im opening the window…i was scared i was gonna burn the house down lol…
Lol thanks medusa :) I dont know it just has this little rubber circle on the bottom…it is my bf’s mom. Its a pot from hell! I’m such a dufus hah…
I’m a dumb ass and its not a pot, its a baking mixer and im fucking retarded….thank you guys
Thank you river! Yea i’ve heard about that at thanksgiving. Ok so my boyfriend said its a bowl where you put an electric mixer in, like for cakes, stuff like that. the rubber part is the base thats why it confused me…

I have got to know, did you use a pressure cooker pot and the rubber gasket for the lid was on the pan?
What’s a baking mixer?
And no you are not retarded. Every year at Thanksgiving hundreds of people leave the giblets, still wrapped, inside the turkey and cook it that way. Or leave the plastic mat that comes from the store that is under the meat still under the meat and cook it like that. It is plastic, and the meat is therefore ruined.

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