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Any tips on getting a guinea pig?

I have wanted a guinea pig for a while, I care greatly for my dogs and fish, I have researched alot about guinea pigs and have determined that a guinea pig is the best pet for me. No critiquing that I have too many pets they are cared for greatly and given lots of love. Tips and ideas only :)

Guinea pigs can live up to 8+ years if properly cared for. They should always be kept in pairs or groups(same sex or altered) indoors, in a cage with at least 7.5sq ft(10sq ft for males) on one level and daily floor time/handling, to be happy and healthy. I have found fleece with mattress pads underneath is the easiest and cheapest for bedding. << Read this! They should have unlimited access to fresh water(no Vit C drops) and grass hay available at all times, 1/8-1/4 cup of plain guinea pig pellets(no coloured bits, nuts, seeds, or dried veggies) and 1 cup of fresh veggies per pig daily. Store bought treats/seed sticks are often unhealthy and potentially harmful. Same sex animals living together DO NOT need to be altered, it does not change behaviour and will not make them get along. Breeding is VERY dangerous for the females, so do not keep intact opposite sexed animals together. ********** NEVER use a running wheel, exercise ball or harness and leash, never feed any dairy or anything cooked, frozen, canned, baked, molded, etc, never feed food made for other animals, never house with other animals(rabbits, etc), do not allow young children to handle them, and never leave them outdoors unattended. **********

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