Baking Moulds

What is the teacher’s role in forming an art integrated lesson?

I think it depends on what grade level you teach. I teach first grade, so I might bring in geometry to an art-integrated lesson. I would teach about shapes (size, congruency) and symmetry. Then I would have the students integrate what they’ve learned into an art assignment/project. I could also teach about secondary colors and have students mix the colors to use in their art assignments.

Math and science would be easiest to integrate with art.

I came across an activity that I have wanted to do for a while. Hopefully I can do it this year. :) Take broken crayons, peel the paper off, and mix them together. Place the mixed crayons into small baking molds. Melt them in the oven or keep them outside in the heat. The lesson will focus on “heat causes change” and the students will have marbleized crayons following the lesson.

Buddy Valastro for OpenSky – Halloween Baking Molds

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