Baking Oven

Ok, my easy-bake oven packets are very, very old (11 years). How long should I have kept them for?

I’m debating whether or not to cook my 11 year old Easy-Bake Oven mix. Should I or is it too far gone?

Funny you should ask. After my grandmother passed away, my parents and other family members gathered at her house to collect her things. My mother gave me all of the food products because I was a starving college student. I baked one of the Jiffy cake mixes and it started smelling like steak. I looked at the date on the box and it was about 25 years old. I didn’t eat it but I often wonder if it would have tasted like steak. Maybe you should try the easy bake packets. Let me know if they smell like cake.
Hope this helps


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