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In baking, what is the best advice for those who want to learn and earn from it?

I don’t have any experience and knowledge in baking/packaging/supplies, etc.-I plan to bake simple recipe only. I feel this is a good home-based job while I’m a caregiver to my parents. I’m reading books, watch video, and don’t have planned to study in a baking class. Appreciate your helpful answer. Thank you for your time and sharing your knowledge.

You’ll have to check with your local health department about the requirements for your kitchen.

The next step is finding customers. I know a woman with a professional kitchen in a shack behind her house, and she makes brownies, cakes and cookies, and sells them at the local agricultural cooperative (they place about a dozen in a basket on the counter next to the cash register).

Bakery Packaging Supplies from New Method Packaging

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