Baking Perfect Cupcakes

i am home alone and i am bored!!!!?

it’s night here and i am really bored, i can’t drive so i can’t go anywhere and my parents and my brother are out, and i called my friends and none of them can come over , i already watched 2 movies today and played games on the computer and i finished my book so i am really bored!!! what do you suggest i should do?

This has some good things.;_ylt=ArfywnkZFPWoxnKnbjqUdaHBFQx.;_ylv=3?qid=20120318130249AAp7AxV

or you. Can. Do your nails if your. Girl
Bake if your allowed i know its night but still
Draw a picture
Heres a list of stuff to do if your on summer vacation from school.
1. Film a short movie
1) make the script and ideas

2) start recording

2. Have a random day – turn up the music and DANCE until you can’t feel your feet. And beyond :)
1) turn on a playlist of music

2) start dancing

3. Study a little, so you’d be ready for next year of school
1) get studying books for grade 
2)  start studying

4.  Bake perfected cupcakes.
1) bake it and take the cupcakes out gently

2) frost them smoothly

3) sprinkle them with sprinkles in a pattern

5. Learn some dances OR Make dance routines to your favorite songs
1) turn on the music

2) look for a tutorial and learn the dance


1) make up step by step

9. Watch tv… The fun way 
1) Set up Pillows in a circle/ with your couch near your TV.

2) Watch your favorite TV show.

3) When commercials come on, jump on the pillows/couch (no floor touching!) until the TV show returns.

4) Wherever you land when the show comes back, you must stay there and watch the show

10. Have/ record a puppet show
1) Print or cut out pictures of people .

2) glue the pictures to a popsicle stick Or pencil etc.

3) hit the record button and start the puppet show.

11.   Make your own popsicle
1) pour orange juice or any juice in a glass

2) freeze it until it gets almost solid

3) take it out

4) put a popsicle stick through it

5) continue to freeze it

6) take it out

7) eat it

12.  Make origami
1) get paper

2) watch a tutorial video

3) start making

13. Keep a scrapbook of your summer
1) get a scrapbook worth of 2 months pages per day

2) each day fill out what you did and add a picture!

3) at the end of summer look back at everything you did

How to make the Perfect Cupcake

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