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How do I cover a cake in fondant?

Do you measure everything? I want to cover mini tiered cakes, so I just put fondant over the whole thing and then smooth? Do my fingerprints get on it, should I wear gloves?

there is a special tool to help you smooth out the fondant. You should wear latex free gloves when playing with fondant. ONe to help keep you fingerprints off, two to help keep the heat from your hands from melting it or putting holes in it. If its not already rolled out roll it out on powered sugar or in between two peices of seran wrap. Now after it is rolled and the cake has butter cream on it (to help the fondant stick) you roll it around your rolling pin and place on the top of the cake. It should drap down from the point. You take the smoothing tool (which you can get at almost any specialty baking store) and smooth the fondant out. Make for sure there is no air bubbles. Then trim the bottom of cake and you are finished.

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