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Epicura Home Products Introduces The Marvellous Non Stick Silicone Baking Mat

Epicura Home Products Introduces The Marvellous Non Stick Silicone Baking MatLos Angeles, California (PR Buzz) April 30, 2013 — Epicura Home Product is proud to announce a new product to their line of home and kitchenware. The Silicon Non-Stick Baking Mat. This product has been in development for months and it is finally about to see the light of day. Expected launch date is 5-15-2013. Here are some details on this exciting launch.

The Epicura Silicone non stick baking mat is the perfect solution for a professional as well as a home baker to get superior quality baked goods that taste as delicious as they look. Now, go ahead and make those scrumptious double chocolate chip cookies that crumble to a golden perfection or vibrantly coloured dainty French macaroons without having to worry about its base sticking to the cookie pan. With Epicura's revolutionary product, you will definitely see the amazing results.

The silicone mats used for baking are revolutionary in its concept and beautiful looking in terms of design. Their non stick surface can give any wax sheet or parchment paper a run for their money. You can now get scrummy baked goodies that do not look hideous as they are forced and scraped out of the cookie pan. Since the mat is non stick, you won't be using all the extra fats to grease and line the cookie pans. This just makes life easier. This silicone baking mat is oven proof and microwave proof. However, they should not be used in the grill or broil feature and never on the stove. This silicone mat is exclusively for baking and not for any other purpose.

These silicone non stick baking sheets work almost exactly like a parchment paper. The only feature that separates it from this cookie lining sheet is the fact that it can be used over and over again. A parchment paper needs to be discarded after one use, but the silicone sheet can be used for about 3,000 times before disposing it off. The possibilities are endless. With a little research, you could almost invent a new dessert using the silicone non stick baking mats.

“The inner side of my macaroons always looked repulsive. Agreed, no one cared about it, but I did. Running a small cafe, I like it when everything is perfect. My cookies would not come off the parchment paper and I had to use a generous spraying of cooking oil which I am not a very big fan of. Then I came across Epicura's silicone non stick baking mats and I wanted to give it a try and can I add, absolutely love this product? The baked goods come off the mat like a charm.amazing product for anyone who is crazy about baking.” - Debra Ray, Nashville, Tennessee.

Epicura homes is the new branch that has been opened under Smart Bee Enterprises LLC. They specialise in everything that homemakers need to make their lives more easy and relaxing. The products created by them are creative and they are perfect for everyday use.

About Epicura Silicone Home Products

Epicura Home Products specialized in modern yet useful home, garden and kitchen gadgets. Our new line of silicone based kitchen products including the silicone baking mat has been well received. They are non-stick and a pleasure to work with. They can handle extremes in temperature and very easy to clean.

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