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What to get a 14 year old for christmas?

I got one of my friends for homeroom secret santa and i dont know what to get her. She likes horses, and dancing. She aslo bakes a lot. we have a $10 spending limit for secret santa, but since i got one of my friends i’m thinking $15. my mom says we should get her some baking tool but i feel like thta would be awkward… help!!!!!!!

Customize something on Zazzle or Cafepress using their favorite colors or things they like. They both have pretty reasonable prices on lots of custom things. I use them EVERY YEAR when getting gifts for myself and others, for birthdays, xmas, and everything. They both also have PLENTY of choices of things to customize.
the products always have came out great, and they always get my products to me much quicker then I expect. Hurry though because Xmas is comming quick. They will also have a countdown timer to tell you how much time you have untill it wont ship on time.
They both also always have lots of deal from 20-50% off.

Essential Baking Tools for Perfect Pastries

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