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My Revised Babysitting Flyer – Advice?

I just revised my babysitting flyer and was wondering whether I should mention anything else or maybe take something off the list.
Flyer goes as follows:

Need a Babysitter?

My name is Patricia, I am 15 and looking to babysit.
- have previous babysitting experience and currently volunteer at my school’s theater program as assistant junior director.
- am punctual, trustworthy and reliable.
- speak English, German and beginners French.
- love being in the kitchen and have basic cooking and baking skills. (Simple dinner and baking with kids isn’t a problem)
- will do simple household tasks (cleaning up, cooking)
- love children and will babysit kids over 12 months.
- recently got my First-Aid and CPR training certification from the American Heart Association.

References available upon request.

Will take occasional or regular jobs.
Please e-mail or call/ text me to meet at:

Also would be a good e-mail address for the job?

It’s a great flyer. Just please be sure to get your parents involved so they can screen respondents before you contact them yourself. There are predators out there.

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