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Is it bad for you to eat a couple of eggs for breakfast most days of the week?

I am on the paleolithic diet. What are some good breakfast recipes?

I don’t think it’s bad at all. Yes, I know the cholesterol arguments about egg yolks, but I think they’re unfairly maligned. I read recently that they’re a great source of lutein which helps protect against macular degeneration. Eggs in general are a powerhouse of nutrients, so I definitely don’t think a couple in the morning can hurt you at all.

I’m afraid I’m not familiar with the paleolithic diet so I’m not sure what you’re allowing yourself and what’s off the menu. I just hope you’re not cutting out anything nutritious. I think a spanish omelette, tortilla type thing would be great at any time of the day, though. The advantage being you can eat leftovers cold for lunch/snacks. Add whatever you like, really, and make it your own, plenty of potatoes, veggies, lean meat or seafood if you like, and herbs for flavour.

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