Bushs Baked Beans

What are some weird food combonations you like to eat?!?

I really like
mustard and pretzels
pretzels and yogurt
hot sauce and pop chips
ketchup/mustard with potato chips
chocolate and licorice
popcorn and mustard
salsa verde doritos with cream cheese
peanut butter banana on a toasted bagel
black beans and nacho cheese doritos
bushes baked beans and hot dogs
chilie and mac and cheese
or omg!!! a grilled mack and cheese sandwhich with red onion and bacon
and soooo soooooo many more!!!!!

apples and cabbage chopped up and tossed with mayo and salt and pepper
cocoa powder in my oatmeal

Bush’s Baked Beans Commercial – July 6, 2013

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