Cake Baking Classes

Where I Can Find Cake Baking classes?

Dear Friends,

I’m looking for baking classes.

Please let me know if you know any baking classes in Kuala Kumpur or Kajang area.

im more interested to learn home made cake baking also.

I learned by reading recipes and reading tips in cookbooks that specialize in baking. I’ll post some links to sites that have good tips about baking.

This one says it has a “free” course. I don’t know if it’s legitimate or not though:

More with tips:

From my experience, many times you can figure out how to bake a good cake simply by carefully following the recipe. But I have also read many tips from other bakers over the years, and I do feel they help. But basically, find a recipe that sounds good to you and simply start baking. You’ll become more confident and a better baker as you go.

Royal Icing Cake Decoration Master Class with Charlotte Feve

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