Cake Baking Tips

I need cake baking tips and advise?

I am baking a golf course cake for my brothers birthday and my directions say say to make trees out of spearmint candy leaves. it says to use a pretzel for the trunk but I don’t have and and have no time nor anyone to take me to town to get some. Does anyone have any ideas as for what else I could use??? preferably edible.

If you don’t have any of the items already suggested, just make a chocolate cookie recipe and roll the dough into logs that could be trunks. You would just need a sugar cookie dough and you can either put brown food coloring or chocolate powder in it to make it brown.

For the leaves, I’m not sure what you could use. My only suggestion would be the leaves of flowers washed (if you have edible flowers, which most people don’t!)

If you have green food coloring then all you have to do is add it to a frosting and pipe out some leaves….

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