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What is Gum Paste and How it is Utilized While Cake Decorating   by Oasis Cake and Candy Supply

Gum paste is pliable, is painless to shape similar to modeling clay, may be dyed, painted on top of and dries with the consistency and crispness of a Necco wafer. It is considered “technically” edible, but it is just not pleasant, particularly while dried because it’s solid and bland.

Gum Paste is adaptable. It may be manufactured into life like flowers or little decorations or pieces can be “glued” jointly to make large standing types. Decorations can be made days in advance and temporarily stored inside airtight containers or kepthere indefinitely away from heat or moisture.

You can produce Gumpaste from scratch or purchase it ready-made or as a mixture where all you do is put in water. It consists of ingredients such as powdered sugar, gelatin, water, sometimes glucose or egg white, sometimes shortening, and some form of strengthening gum called Tragacanth Gum (or Gum-Tex). While mixed, the recipe should be smooth and non-sticky.

Tragacanth Gum makes the paste flexible, so it’s easy to work with. It can be collected from your stem of the plant inside the Middle East and provides the force when gumpaste dries. Today, a substitute for instance gum karaya is utilized. Gum arabic, more easily located today than gum tragacanth, isn’t a substitute.

Gumpaste contains sugar or glucose that makes it pliable and slows the drying effect of air. This is important because the sugar makes it a good medium to work with, especially if you need ample time to create their cake decorations.

Gum paste can be mixed with other recipes for decorative work. For instance, a 50/50 mixture of Gum paste and rolled Fondant makes the Fondant simpler to work with.

Gumpaste, Rolled fondant or Candy Clay – Which One Do I Use?
Gum paste dries extremely hard. It’s strength comes from gum tragacanth. It may be rolled very thin and creates beautiful, strong flowers and additional novelties, for instance boxes or any 3-D decoration.

Commercial Rolled Fondant consists of a little amount of gum tragacanth so is closer to gumpaste than home-produced Fondant and is less complicated to work with. Strength isn’t important onto little molded things like press-inside flowers, cut-outs, etc., so it is perfect to use. I like to recommend it for fondant-covered cakes and extremely white buttercream-covered cakes.

Candy clay comes inside a lot of formulas, but it’s usually a mixture of chocolate and corn syrup to keep the chocolate supple. It may be formed in many ways and is often utilized for larger pieces like bows and ribbons. It may also be used to create flowers. Candy clay could also be mixed with gum paste if strength is required or it needs to carry a shape

In my next article I will be discussting ways in which to use GumPaste decorations. Please visit our online site which shows many other cake decorating supplies.

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