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Is there such thing as a wedding cake topper that lights up?

My girlfriend and I are getting married this summer and we’re looking for a cake topper that’s not the conventional groom and bride cake topper. We’re looking for something kind of unique, and she thought of the idea of having something that lights up. I agreed that it would be a pretty cool idea, but I’m not sure if they exist. Any ideas on buying or possibly making something?

Making you’re own light up cake topper could be a bit difficult, it depends on how good of a craftsman you are. One easy way to go about it is to combine a little creativity and parts of an existing cake topper. You could get an acrylic base, drill a hole into the bottom of the base and insert an LED light. Then just add the bride and groom figures on top.

The other option would be to search for LED cake toppers, as another person suggested here. After doing a quick search it seems that many cake toppers that light up are custom or semi-custom made. Good luck and congrats on your upcoming wedding.

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