Cauliflower Bake

Is this a really unhealthy day..?

breakfast – 13 grapes and two glasses of water

snack – banana

lunch – ham sandwich in wholemeal bread and a glass of water

snack – 2 pieces of chocolate

dinner – pasta in a cheese leek and ham sauce and a cheese and cauliflower bake with an apple and banana juice drink

pudding half a kinder beuno

It could be better.

You need more protein, more fruit and veg, more water and go easy on the cheese.

You should be having each day:

10 portions of carbohydrates
4 portions of protein
5-10 portions of fruit and veg
4 portions of dairy
3 portions of fats and oils
2 treats
as well as 8 glasses of water

You can find out how much a portion is on the internet, just google it :)

How to bake cauliflower

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