Chicken Bake

I want to serve a buffet wedding for approx. 130?

Planning a country western wedding. Want to cook a pig, chicken, baked beans, etc. Looking for suggestions since I’m doing this myself. I have a budget.
I live in Miami and I like the idea of someone coming in, but the costs are high. I don;t have access to a kitchen other than my own because the hall has none. It is on the beach. i need help in all aspects of planning and menu ideas

where are you located? you should contact your local deli and see if they do pig roasts. this saves a lot of stress on your end, they show up with the pig roast and all the fixings and then clean up! they might even offer some kind of a deal. we did this for a family gathering last summer and it was so great and authentic and everyone loved it.

Roasted Chicken and Potato Bake – Recipe by Laura Vitale – Laura in the Kitchen Ep 199

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