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Pumpkin Food Book: Yummy Delights for the Christmas Season

Pumpkins are one of the handful of ingredients that can do it all–soups, salads, starters, appetizers, dinners, and sweets. Make it sweet or make it savory, this native American harvest standard makes any meal somewhat more joyful. This useful little cookbook is the exact opposite of the coffee-table book: paperback, pocket-sized, photo-less (in reality, fully pictureless), and page after page of practically 50 fabulous recipes! These are not just simple desserts (though there are a few exotic ones), but delicious gourmet main dishes. It’s unlikely that you will find any you don’t want to try! The sole mark against it is definitely the lack of pictures. You may need to use your imagination a bit, though it will not likely have an impact on your ability to make any of the recipes. That it’s so compact, unassuming, and inexpensive attests to the pure practicality and quality of the subject matter. In the event your taste tends toward the exotic, it’s hard to get it wrong with this book. And if you enjoy pumpkin (or winter squash), this book is loaded with lots of suggestions which you can use for both.

This little pumpkin cookbook has so many recipe ideas, going far beyond the Thanksgiving and Xmas basics such as pumpkin pie. Pumpkin recommendations included range anywhere from appetizers to entrees to dips and dessert. If you’ve never tried cheesecake, soup, cookies, fudge, granola, and yes-enchiladas all out of pumpkin, you’re set for some tasty treats. If you’d like ideas for cooking your fall pumpkins, here is the book for you. It’s actually a compact book, consequently it won’t use up very much space on your shelf.

Pumpkin Recipe Book
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