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BrightSpring Release Their New Cookie Sheet Liner

BrightSpring Release Their New Cookie Sheet Liner
BrightSpring Release Their New Cookie Sheet Liner

November 12, 2013 – Brighton, East Sussex — Cookies are America's favorite treat. Nowadays there are hundreds of different flavors that you can buy from the store or at a stall. Cookie Dough is even the most popular flavored ice cream flavor.

For those looking for best cookie or those who just prefer home-made, freshly baked straight from your own oven are the best cookies you will find anywhere as you can tailor them to your taste.

The problem is that achieving the perfect homemade cookie is not always that easy. Often the cookies will not bake evenly leaving a burnt bottom or they will stick to the baking sheet meaning you have to chisel or scrape them off with a spatula.

BrightSpring aim to ease those troubles following the release of their silicone cookie sheet liner which is completely non-stick and provides an even bake resulting in the perfect cookie.

The BrightSpring cookie sheet liner is the size of a half sheet tray and is made of silicone, a natural material produced by mixing silicon and oxygen. The BrightSpring cookie sheet liner acts as a replacement for grease or parchment paper. Cookie dough is placed directly onto the liner and then straight in to the oven saving time and effort.

When the cookies have finished baking they can easily be removed from the BrightSpring cookie sheet liner by hand without the need for a spatula.

Colin Matthews of BrightSpring commented, “Our cookie sheet liner makes baking cookies much easier as the cookie sheet liner does much of the work for you. You don't have to worry about even baking as the liner delivers consistent heat distribution resulting in a delicious, evenly baked cookie”.

About BrightSpring

BrightSpring are a brand of kitchenware and bakeware, bringing professional quality products to the home. The BrightSpring silicone baking mat will become the kitchen accessory that you cannot live without.

On their website, BrightSpring explore the endless possibilities of their silicone baking mats.

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