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New Silcione Cookie Sheet

New Silcione Cookie Sheet
New Silcione Cookie Sheet

Cookie Sheet:the silicone cookie sheet reviews from Siltex Bake

January 4, 2014 – Leamington, Warwickshire — Cookie Sheet: the silicone cookie sheet reviews from Siltex Bake

A Cookie sheet will help those who enjoy baking (whether they are amateur or professional bakers) improve their cookie baking through better heat dispersal during baking.

The Siltex Bake silicone cookie sheet is a vast improvement on a conventional metal baking tray technologies which many people still use. A basic metal tray heats up and can easily overheat the bottom of whatever is being baked. As a result this can mean that the bottom of a cookie may be ready and cooked in a certain time but the top part is only partially done. The worst scenario means that it is easy to burn and blacken the bottom, leaving the batch under cooked.

The new cookie sheet from the Siltex Bake allows the heat in an oven to be distributed more evenly around what is being baked. Because of this, the underside is not overheated, overcooked or burnt. This means better cookies, a non-stick and easy clean surface, and no more scraping and scrubbing the tray.

This cookie sheet Silicone Baking Mat is now discounted and comes with a lifetime guarantee. It is also accompanied by a bonus of exclusive access to over 50,000 baking recipes.

Here are a Few Tips for Better Cookies and Cooking Mastery:
* It's obvious but read the recipe and learn the basics (many don't bother to do this properly).
* Pre-heat the stove prior to placing your cookies in it
* Timing counts for a lot – keep to the correct timings and understand your own oven's heat
* Test and test again but fail fast and fail small so you learn quickly
* Always use your silicone cookie sheet

About Siltex Bake

Siltex Bake are makers of Cookie Sheets and other Bakeware and Cookware products Silicone Baking Mat


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