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What are some good things to do over the 2012 summer for a 13 year old?

We’ve waited too long to find something, do you have any ideas?
Even if you don’t think they will be helpful, please just list ideas for summer camps and amusement parks.

If you see this question, at least answer now with something, we need ideas ASAP!!!!!!!!!!

Go Swimming
Go Camping
Go on a hike
Make homemade lemonade
Make popsicles
Make homemade ice cream
Go stargazing
Plant a garden
Go to a farmer’s market
Go to the zoo
Go to an amusement park
Go to a “new to you” park
Go on a bike ride
Play hopscotch
Do splat painting
Play Red Light Green Light
Play tag
Have a family board game night
Have paper airplane races
Host a cook-out
Make ice cream sundaes
Bake a pie
Go on a scavenger hunt
Experiment with baking soda and vinegar
Make a rain gauge & measure the rain
Climb a tree
Start a rock collection
Read books outside
Go on a color palette nature walk
Keep a nature journal
Go bird watching
Make pool noodle hurdles
Make nature wands
Fly a kite
Run a race
Go on a picnic
Visit a pond
Visit a garden
Build a sand castle
Make your own board game
Do science experiments with candy
Trace shadows
Play with sticks
Play with frisbees
Play tic tac toe on the sidewalk
Write a story and illustrate it
Make smoothies
Learn to hula hoop
Make s’mores
Eat watermelon
Make strawberry jam
Make a fruit salad
Hunt for sea shells
Have a water balloon fight
Look for shapes in the clouds
Be a nature photographer
Go to a splash park
Make your own slip & slide
Go for a walk on the beach
Go on a sound hunt
Go to a parade
Watch the summer Olympics
Have a lemonade stand
Have a puppet show
Paint with bubbles
Make homemade cards & mail them to faraway friends or relatives
Make a marble run
Paint on cardboard
Paint a self-portrait
Watch the sunset
See what happens when you add salt to ice
Make friendship bracelets
Eat fresh peaches
Swing as high as you can
Learn about a different country
Try a new food
Build a fort
Make tie-dyed socks
Put on a play
Slide down a water slide
Go to an outdoor concert
Bake cookies & deliver them to a neighbor
Have a dance party
Make finger paints
Play beach ball volleyball
Tell ghost stories
Go to a local festival
Play hide & seek
Have a party for no particular reason
Have silly races
Go for a walk at twilight
Learn how to use real tools (hammer, screwdriver, wrench, etc.)
Make super hero capes and pretend to be a super hero
Paint with cars
Make ribbon wands and dance outside
Make old-fashioned silhouette pictures
Fill a sketch book
Learn to sew a simple pillow
Make an Olympic logo painting
Build Lego towers
Make raisins dance
Examine nature with a magnifying glass
Learn a few jump rope rhymes
Learn a new card game
Make your own paper dolls
Have a 3-Legged Race
Work a jigsaw puzzle
Make hand print fireworks
Make stick men
Mail a hug
Learn to do a cartwheel
Make a twig & twine raft
Play Follow the Leader
Swim in the ocean
Play flashlight tag
Set up a pretend potion lab
Go on a road trip
Wash the car
Have a sleepover
Go to a movie
Read a chapter book together as a family
Play Flashlight Tag
Go buy something at a local store
Try a drink you’ve never tried before
Call a grocery store and ask them if they sell apples (as in the computer)
Ding-dong ditch someone
Scream as loud as you can
Play medieval times and dress up
Pretend you’re in high school
Paint Portraits
Teach a class
sell stuff on ebay
water gun/ balloon fight
make new clothes out of old
Blow up a balloon until it pops
Use an eraser until it goes away
Make your own commercials and record them
Make a CD with songs on it
Call London for a cab
Stomp grapes in the bathtub
Paint a smile
Speak with a lisp (to a random person)
Trick someone into thinking that you were a bird in your past life
Make a holiday and celebrate it
Do aerobic exercises

Have Fun!! :)

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