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Platt: Charlie Bird Almost Makes the Most of His Pint-Size Room (nymag)

**You have to give the proprietors** of the jaunty new Soho restaurant Charlie
Bird credit for transforming one of the more awkward dining spaces in the
entire city into an agreeable–if clamorous–spot for a bowl of early-evening
pasta. The squat, double-height room, off King Street, is tight and narrow and
tapered at one end like a wedge of pie. The last time I dropped in, the doomed
occupants had installed dark wood molding on the walls, among other grim,
claustrophobic touches. Now these walls are a combination of reclaimed white
ash and exposed brick. Instead of featuring gloomy burled oak, the new bar is
made of polished marble and set here and there with fans of spindly, house-
baked bread sticks. You can get a classic Negroni at the bar to go with the
bread sticks, and the café tables are well spaced and fitted with comfortable
designer chairs covered in hand-sewn leather.

The nouveau rustico Italian menu at Charlie Bird–constructed by a lapsed
haute cuisine chef named Ryan Hardy–has a jaunty tone to it, too. It’s
brightly colored, like a concert flyer, and divided into bold-lettered
sections (RAW, SMALL PLATES, LARGE PLATES), which will …


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