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Thin Red RFID Blocking Designer Wallet – Protect your Privacy from RFID Scanning Criminals

Durable RFID Blocking Wallet Preserves Both Your Identity and Your Trendy Look

Are you like many people thinking that identification theft won’t happen to you? Would you believe that nearly 12 million Americans are victims each and every year, at a cost of about $5,000 per incident? Fortunately, there are RFID Blocking Wallets on the marketplace today that can prevent up to 70% of all types of identification theft … all while keeping your polished disposition!

If you are anything like me, you probably thought you would be safe from becoming one of these victims simply by protecting your delicate account info for your banks, investments, and so on, utilizing password encrypting tools. Little did I know that I was leaving myself rather susceptible to the huge bulk of all identification theft strategies that target your charge cards and government ID cards with an RFID scanner.

Being a significant follower in with its fast shipping and incredibly simple return policy, I started searching for RFID Blocking Wallets that will not only shield my charge cards from these nasty thieves, but will also be a practical wallet that is durable and easy to use. Oh, and it also needed to look sexy, however not excessively so. That is why I selected the ultra-sleek aluminum wallet by BRYK. It was truly a great decision. Not only does it offer me a much greater peace of mind, but it was offered at such a reduced price that I got an extra one for my cousin (which qualified us for free shipping)!

Did I even mention that the client service at BRYK has been fantastic? They continued to check in with me to insure I was pleased and even provided me with a great resource on the subject of identification theft that looks very well researched.

So for me, the data on identification theft were just staggering. I never knew I would even be in the market for an RFID Blocking Wallet. In fact, I never even heard of one before! But I will say that I have been very amazed with this product and cannot say enough about BRYK. If you are even a bit alarmed by what thieves are capable of doing today, I extremely encourage you to click the link below and purchase one (or two!) for yourself. It is worth it for the assurance alone…

Discover How a Piece of Aluminum Can Save Your Identity! The very best Wallet to Secure your Credit Cards from Identification Fraud- Latch stays firmly shut when not in use- Holds up to 9 charge cards securely in place- Highest quality light-weight aluminum material to shield against RFID transmissionsRFID Blocking Keeps Crooks at Bay- Did you know that info from passports and charge cards can be stolen just by a criminal walking by with an RFID Scanner?- They do not need to take your wallet … they do not need to hack into an ATM … they can stroll right past you and it will get your delicate info without leaving a trace.- The best way to prevent the scanning of information stored in your RFID equipped cards is by utilizing materials that protect against electro-magnetic fields, such as aluminum. Smooth, Professional Appearance- Timeless red, designer wallet with BRYK logo all in black- Great idea for wedding gifts for wedding party, such as groomsmen, etc.- Long lasting design with even more colors available now!! Bonus Gift Included!- Order now and you will receive a copy of my special report on how to shield yourself against identification theft in all aspects of your life!- Ideas you can implement today to shield your hard-earned assets- This report is presently for sale on Amazon *** Includes a Lifetime No-Hassle Free Replacement Guarantee *** When clicking the button at the top of this page, you will be taking the first step in Safeguarding Your Identity!!

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