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How to make diabetic friendly cupcakes?

My boyfriend works at an assisted living center and I wanted to make cupcakes for the residents. A non-negligible percentage are diabetic, and I know nothing about diabetic baking. I don’t want specific recipes, I just want to know what factors are important and what substituions I should make, so that I can make any recipe diabetic friendly.

My other concern is frosting. Most frosting recipes call for confectioner’s sugar, which provides a different taste and consistency than granulated sugar. I don’t know of any sugar-free substitutes for confectioner’s sugar, so how do I make a good frosting to go with?

Thank you for any information. (:

there is actually no way to make diabetic friendly baked goods and for sure no frostings/icings!!!

the worst offender for us diabetics is FLOUR and MILK!! It really isn’t the sugar or the powdered sugar. another name for powdered sugar is confectioners sugar. it contains cornstarch to prevent it clumping down to a hard lump. that accounts for the difference in flavor.

If I were you I would pick a great recipe for the cupcakes and frosting. Find out what the grams of total carbohydrate in one of them would be then advise the recipient of the grams of carb in the goodie.

It is much easier to deal with than with make believe and guessing if someone used a chemical compound to make the goodie – I have taken way too much instant insulin to cover a goodie when someone did me a “favor” by using synthetic sweetener in it and didn’t tell me what they did to the cupcake or whatever!!

Always give the diabetic the choice of eating the REAL goodie, or maybe overdosing insulin!!! You do them no favors that way!!

Oh, yeah!!! the American Diabetic Association deletes all fats and salt, and changes the sweetener to Splenda and thinks the 35 to 50 grams of total carbohydrate is “diabetic friendly”. It tastes like crap and is more carb than most of us eat for a regular whole meal!!

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