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The Easy Way To Make Ice Balls At Home

When people imagine having ice balls in their beverages they tend to think of the Japanese Ice Ball Presses or something like the Macallan Ice Ball Maker which are typically used by bartenders in high end bars. These are wonderful when you're in a bar to enjoy them, but, what do you do when you're at home with buddies or family (or both) and you would like to enjoy these spherical marvels in your beverages at a fraction of the cost? Ice Balls Molds by Cuzzina is the perfect solution and this video reveals to you how easy they are to use:


See how easy it is to create your very own jumbo ice balls for your favored beverages? As Joseph stated in the video they are made from 100% FDA Grade Silicone. Although made from sturdy silicone these ice ball molds are very flexible making it extremely easy to release the frozen balls into your glass.

As water expansion is inevitable, leaving a little gap at the top of the mold is very important and so would prevent the water being pushed through the hole. Ensure the two halves of the ice ball mold are securely snapped together after filling and gently place them into your freezer making sure they are sitting upright so the water does not spill. This is easy to do as the mold has a flat bottom.

After 3-4 hours remove them from the freezer and gently separate the two halves and release the ice balls from the mold … that's it!

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