Easy Holiday Baking

Do I need to take something to boyfriend’s family’s house for xmas dinner? Please help?

What can I bake since this dinner will happen tomorrow? Or should I buy a bowl of pre cut fruig at the market? I am going to his mom’s for lunch and then his grandparents for dinner.

It is always a good idea to take something if you are invited to dinner. At the very least, bring a bottle of decent wine. If you are planning on bringing food, it is best that you talk to them to find out what would be appropriate to bring (and what foood allergies there might be, if any). Your other option is to bring a dessert since there can never be too many desserts.

I would not bring pre-cut fruit or anything like that. Wine or bake is your best option. Bake some cookies or something simple…check out pinterest for some cute and easy holiday baking ideas.

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