French Toast Bake

I’m searching for two specific recipes, and can’t find either on the internet. Can you help?

1. Basic lasagne, but using dry noodles . . I know I’ll have to add more liquid, but don’t want to screw it up.
2. French toast bake . . it has bacon and cream cheese included. You put everything together (bread is torn or cubed) into a casserole dish and bake.

I’ve already looked on every website that does recipes, so please don’t post a website. This would be something from your own, or someone elses, recipes. Thanx!!! : )
good answer Janet . . I wanted an actual recipe, & yours is perfect. Figured I had it right, but doesn’t hurt to get advice. Also, great Fr toast recipe too!! You def nailed it. Thanx!!!!
also . . my sauce is homemade (of course! No jar for me) . .

First… don’t buy special noodles. The regular ones will do. Make sure your sauce (hopefully home made) is warm. Put sauce in the bottom of your dish, and start building your lasagna layers using the uncooked lasagna noodles. You can do this ahead of time and let it sit until you’re ready to bake. Cover initially to add moisture while baking when using uncooked lasagna noodles. I’ve done this many times.

But now I don’t make lasagna that way. I make ‘lasagna rolls’ using cooked noodles which I layer with foil so they don’t stick together while I’m making them. I make the same cheese mixture but spread it on each noodle and role them jellyroll style. This is amazing as you don’t have to let the cooked dish site before cutting as you do when making lasagna in layers, because it’s already in individual portions without having to cut! It’s fun to put together, no cutting and this method doesn’t ‘eat up’ the sauce like the standard method of building layers does.

Either way… enjoyyour lasagna.

Oops! I forgot about the other part of your question. I found recipes right away.

This one doesn’t list the cream cheese in the ingredients, but provides it as a variation in the recipe:

But there were other similar recipes using other cheeses too.

Baked French Toast Recipe – Laura Vitale – Laura in the Kitchen Episode 664

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